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Article Submission for ITA in Review

The publication welcomes all within the arbitration community to submit their work for consideration in an upcoming issue


ITA in Review welcomes submissions of Articles, Notes and Comments, and Book Reviews.  Please submit your contribution in Microsoft Word format through our electronic submission form.

Submission Form 


ITA in Review strongly prefers Articles under 25,000 words in length — the equivalent of 50 law review pages — including text and footnotes.  Please use footnotes rather than endnotes.  Footnotes should conform to the 20th edition of the Bluebook and the ITA in Review Style Sheet.

Notes and Comments

ITA in Review invites J.D. and LLM students and recent graduates to submit Notes and Comments for publication.  ITA in Review strives to provide a voice and platform for diverse contributors, including young authors.  

Notes are student-written articles using the same standard and format as an Article.  A Comment is a student-authored piece of academic writing analyzing or critiquing a recent case, development in the law, law journal article, or law-related book. Comments are significantly shorter than Notes.

In submitting a Note or Comment, please specify whether the contribution is submitted exclusively to ITA in Review.   Our review process is lengthy, and exclusivity permits ITA in Review the required time to properly consider Notes and Comments. 

Book Reviews

ITA in Review welcomes submissions of both proposed and completed Book Reviews.  Please bear in mind that we strongly prefer to publish Book Reviews within one year of the title's publication date.

Submit Now

Before submitting an article, note, comment, or book review, please be sure to read ITA in Review’s submission standards. Please pay particular attention to the length limitations and the ITA in Review style sheet.

ITA in Review will require the authors to sign a Publication Contract.

Submission Form

The ITA in Review Style Sheet

The text and citations of submissions should conform to the ITA in Review Style Sheet and The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015).

The ITA in Review Style Sheet sets forth the editorial styles, citation, and formatting used for ITA in Review.  Contributors should consult the Style Sheet for questions regarding the ITA in Review editorial style. It is the contributor’s responsibility to submit manuscripts in compliance with this suggested format and citation structure.

Download Style Sheet

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