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Issue 1

33rd Annual ITA Workshop and Annual Meeting

Arbitrator Ethics in International Arbitration: A Developing Story of Challenges, Codes, Conflicts, and Disclosures

Introduction to the Virtual Conference

The ITA Workshop, held in Dallas on the third Thursday in June every year since 1989, is widely recognized as the leading conference in the field in the United States. As one participant summarized succinctly:  “It is the forum in which legitimate top practitioners gather annually. Thus, the topics are sophisticated, the networking is legitimate, and the social element is valuable.”  The Workshop now begins on the preceding Wednesday afternoon, with membership meetings and activities continuing into the following Friday.

At the conclusion of the Workshop on Thursday evening, members of the ITA Advisory Board, the Workshop faculty and their guests mix a bit of business with pleasure at the Advisory Board Annual Dinner.  On Friday morning, members of the Advisory Board, Academic Council, ITAAR Board of Reporters, ITAFOR Moderators and Contributors, and the Workshop faculty reassemble for the annual open discussion ITA Forum and other membership activities.

The Workshop this year will explore ethical issues facing arbitrators in international arbitration and how they and the other stakeholders in the process deal with them.


We invite you to join us, our renowned faculty, members of ITA and Young ITA and colleagues from around the world online for the virtual 33rd Annual ITA Workshop on Wednesday and Thursday, June 16-17, including:

The keynote address on Arbitrator Ethics in International Arbitration by Constantine Partasides (London).

An ensuing panel on emerging codes of conduct for arbitrators in ISDS with Prof. Catherine Rogers (Milan), Laurent Lévy (Geneva) and Karim Youssef (Cairo).

An expert panel on arbitrator conflicts and disclosures with Julie Bédard (New York and Sao Paolo), Mia Essien (Lagos), Lord Mance (London) and Vladimir Khvalei (Moscow).

A debate on arbitrator challenges for tactical reasons with Prof. Chiara Giorgretti (Washington, DC), Melanie van Leeuwen (Paris) and James Hosking (New York).

The Young ITA Roundtable, including a review of best practices in document production and a debate on arbitrator “double hatting.”

A Virtual Welcome Reception featuring an international arbitration trivia contest. You or your team could become the ITA Trivia Champion!

The best way to attend the Workshop is as an ITA member.  For free, ITA members may also attend (and will receive separate invitations to) a variety of additional online events and meetings interspersed with the Workshop events during Wednesday-Friday, June 16-18, including:

The Advisory Board Annual Meeting and Reception;

Annual Meetings of the Americas Initiative and Young ITA, editorial boards, and the Academic Council, and

A memorable virtual version of the renowned ITA Friday Forum.

If you are not an ITA member, join now and attend ALL the Workshop and Annual Meeting events for free!


Mimi M. Lee
Managing Counsel, Litigation
Chevron Upstream
San Ramon
Prof. Loukas Mistelis
School of Law, Queen Mary University of London
Ank Santens
White & Case LLP
New York
Robert Reyes Landicho
Young ITA Roundtable Chair
Vinson & Elkins LLP

More Information

To join the ITA click here.

To register for the Workshop go to:  33rd Annual ITA Workshop and Annual Meeting

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